A Selection of Remarkable Research Paper Topics on Hamlet

The majority of students state that they don’t mind writing the essay but what they find the most difficult is choosing a topic to write about. This is because there are so many topics that it can be hard to make a decision. We have made the job easier for you; here are selection hamlet research paper example topics.

  1. Demonstrate how Hamlet displays conflict both inwardly and outwardly.
  2. What do the seven soliloquies reveal about the character of Hamlet?
  3. Is the story of Hamlet mainly about revenge or tragedy?
  4. What type of relationship did Hamlet have with Gertrude?
  5. Denmark appears to be an important location in the story, what is the significance of the country?
  6. What does Ophelia mean to Hamlet and was he really in love with her?
  7. There has been a comparison made between Claudius and Macbeth, describe the similarities of their characters?
  8. Make a comparison between the characters of Horatio and Hamlet. What are their similarities and what are their differences? Give reasons for them.
  9. In the 5th act of the second scene Hamlet states that madness is his enemy. What was the motivation behind this comment?
  10. Make a comparison between the characters of Fortinbras and Hamlet. What was the main purpose of Fortinbras character?
  11. How does Goethe feel about Hamlet? Do you agree or disagree with his famous conclusions?
  12. What role do Guildenstern and Rosencrantz play in the story? What is the main significance of their characters throughout the story?
  13. Analyze how images and descriptions have been used in the story of Hamlet. What type of descriptive language does Shakespeare use to make the stage production more visible? In what ways does he use imagery to demonstrate despair, fear, suspense and tension?
  14. How is comedy used in the play? Pay careful attention to Polonius and osric the two grave diggers. What is the purpose of the comedy? Is it to reduce the level of tension because of the tragedy? Or is it just merely comedy?
  15. Suicide appears to be a very significant theme in Hamlet. How does the play view suicide aesthetically, religiously, or morally?